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    General FAQs

  • Are pets allowed within housing?

    • The base is pet-friendly. Hunt Company’s pet policy is that you may have no more than 2 mammals per household. In addition, MCBH does not allow the following breeds: Pit Bulls, American Pit Bull Terriers, Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers and wolf breeds. MCBH also does not allow any crosses/mixes of the above listed breeds or any dogs with characteristics of the above.
      All dogs living on MCBH must have a license from the City and County of Honolulu. Both cats and dogs living on the Base must be registered with the Base Game Warden. Pets living in Hunt's housing will need to be registered with Hunt Companies.

      *Pet policy is also subject to base regulations

  • What is the policy for quarantining my pet?

    • Hawaii is free from rabies. To keep rabies out, Hawaii has strict laws regarding the importation of animals. Please see the Hawaii government’s website for more information on these policies. Non-domesticated cats and dogs (e.g. dingoes, wolf and wolf mixes) are prohibited.

  • Are there advantages to living in Marines Hawaii Family Housing?

    • YES! There are great many reasons to live here! All of our neighborhoods are in gated communities, exclusively for active-duty military. Here you get great value for your BAH with fabulous locations, newer homes, modern floor plans, and excellent community features included community centers, basketball courts, playgrounds, parks, pathways and much more. Average electricity is included in your rent, plus your other utilities (water, sewer, trash, recycling, common area landscaping). Avoid many of the costs of living in town — we don't charge application fees, background check fees, pet fees, or require a damage deposit. NO first and last month's rent on move-in.

      K-Bay: Enjoy small town beach life in a gated community. Bike or walk to the elementary school, Commissary, MCX, food court, bowling alley, fitness center, movie theater, marina, library, pool, golf course, mini golf, restaurants, tennis court, bars or youth center — all without leaving your gated community. You’ll have direct access to the H3 to Pearl Harbor and the rest of the island. Enjoy the surf, sand, sun, and tradewinds, all on K-Bay. Our K-Bay neighborhood features include a splash park, community centers, basketball courts, jogging and walking trails, beach access and professional property management. Near quaint Kailua Town, you can park and walk to enjoy restaurants, bars, coffee shops, shopping (including Whole Foods and Target), and the friendly, small town environment. Live near some of the best beaches in the world!

      Manana: This is a green, quiet gated oasis, close to everything the city has to offer. Manana features newer homes, mature trees, and larger fenced yards. A fitness center, community center, playgrounds, pavilions, and parks help to make this neighborhood a home. Manana includes a MCCS pool and tennis courts. It’s close to Pearl Harbor and other bases, and Pearl City has great shopping, restaurants, and all the other features of a great city.   

  • What if I'm not a Marine?

    • You don't have to be a Marine to live here! All of our neighborhoods are open to non-Marines and we are proud to be home to active-duty service members from other branches of service.

      Our fine neighborhoods of Manana (in Pearl City) and Hawaii Loa, Nani Ulupau, and Pa Honua (on K-Bay) are now open to ALL BRANCHES of active-duty military. This includes Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Reserves, National Guard, and Coast Guard.

      Other K-Bay neighborhoods have waiting lists so these neighborhoods are home to service members stationed on Marine Corps Base Hawaii (regardless of branch of service).

  • Is there a wait to get into housing?

    • Actually, several of our neighborhoods have immediate availability! Availability varies by neighborhood and pay grade. Contact us for more information

  • How long should I expect to wait for housing?

    • The estimated wait times are subject to change at any time. Our current wait time estimates are posted below for your convenience. The wait time will not begin until you’ve arrived on the island and been briefed by the MCFHO. 

      Wait times vary but we have a chart listing our current average wait times which should give you a general idea what to expect. Click here to view the chart.


  • How long should I plan to stay in a hotel/lodge?

    • Unfortunately, we cannot predict that. The wait times vary and are subject to change. Please follow this link to a list of TLA (temporary lodging allowance) government approved hotels and lodges. If you have further questions about TLA, please contact the MCFHO at (808) 257-2676.

  • What if I get a lease in town but wish to remain on the waiting list for housing?

    • You will need to provide us with a copy of your lease agreement. The Service Member will be responsible for keeping our office updated with current contact information and the date when he/she would able to accept a housing offer. In the event a service member has a lease and does not want to be considered for housing on base during the duration of the lease, he/she will not be contacted unless housing is available one month prior to the lease expiration date. Service Members are responsible for providing Hunt Companies with any and all changes, in writing, to their original lease agreement. Accordingly, personnel with lease agreements will be by passed without penalty and still may work their way up to the top of their respective waiting list.

      Lease agreements will only be honored for one year for housing waiting list purposes. Service members must provide a copy of the updated lease agreement and waiting list statement as notification to Hunt Companies that they desire to remain on the waiting list for housing. Failure to provide Hunt with current lease(s) and waiting list statement will result in your name being deleted from the waiting list.

  • How do I get on the housing wait list and what will I need to complete the process?

    • All housing applicants must contact the Marine Corps Family Housing Office (MCFHO) at (808) 257-2676 to be placed on the wait list or you can stop by their office in the Family Housing Building at 1571 Lawrence Road, on K-Bay. Below is more information about what is required.
      Marines — You will need:
      A copy of your web orders
      National Sex Offender form (NSO)
      DD form 1746 (housing application)
      Navy — You will need:
      A copy of your orders packet
      National Sex Offender form (NSO)
      DD Form 1746 (housing application)
      *The DD form 1746 can be downloaded from the Marine Corps Family Housing Office website. You may submit your housing application and required forms to the MCFHO via email or by fax at (808) 257-2676 or visit our Apply Now page to see the link to the MCFHO to view their contact information.
      **Hunt Companies will not receive your information until you’ve arrived on island and submitted paperwork to the MCFHO.

  • What are the benefits of submitting an advance application? Especially if Hunt Companies will not receive my referral until I arrive on island and get briefed?

    • The purpose of the advance application is so that the Marine Family Housing Office knows when you’re expected to arrive. Also, it gives the MCFHO advance notice if there are any medical issues that will need to be addressed.

  • Do families with children have priority over families without?

    • No. Your control date is what will determine your position on the list.

  • Do I need to bring my own washer and dryer?

    • No, all Marines Hawaii Family Housing homes (K-Bay, Manana (USMC), and Camp Smith) come with a washer and dryer already installed. We will NOT remove any appliances from the home, even if you have brought your own.

  • How big and what type of home will I get?

    • The size (number of bedrooms) of the home you’re eligible for is based on family size, not by rank. This eligibility is determined by the MCFHO. The type of home you’re eligible for will depend on which neighborhood you will be assigned to.

  • What kind of square footage can I expect?

    • The square footage of homes on MCBH varies. We have a few 2-bedroom homes that are 915 square feet but most of our homes have 3 or 4 bedrooms. The 3-bedroom homes start at 1,200 square feet. The 4-bedroom homes start at 1,347 square feet.  Depending on the neighborhood you’re assigned, the square footage may increase.

  • Do the homes have carpet?

    • Some of the homes have carpet in certain areas, but this varies depending on the neighborhood.

  • What is the rent and is the base charging for utilities now?

    • The rent is equal to the BAH with dependent rate for the senior service member in the home. Hunt Companies is responsible for the following utilities: water, sewer, trash removal, and average electricity. The resident is responsible for cable, phone, Internet and any overage charges incurred with respect to the Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP).

  • What is RECP?

    • The RECP (Residential Energy Conservation Program) goes hand in hand with the Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of the Navy’s (DON) energy conservation initiatives to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, other fossil fuels, and the overuse of electricity.  This policy was set forth in September 1998 by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) to raise awareness and to encourage residents living in PPV housing to minimize their energy consumption to avoid a utility payment. Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) announced that RECP would be rolled out to all of the Department of Navy (DON) Public Private Venture housing. The rollout mandated that all RECPs use a 10% buffer above and below the average monthly electricity usage. Under this program, residents only pay for the portion of the electricity bill that falls 10% above the average usage for their like-type group. Residents with usage under the 10% buffer receive a credit or refund.

  • Our household goods will arrive after we do. Is there furniture we can use?

    • Marines Hawaii Family Housing has a Furnishings Department. You may use our loaner furniture for up to 60 days. If the furniture is being misused in any way, our furnishings coordinator reserves the right to remove the items at any time before your 60 days has ended. Also, if the furniture looks like it has been tampered with, you may be charged for damages.

  • Is there somewhere I can borrow things like dishes or a coffee maker?

    • The base does have a Lending Locker that can loan items like this out.
      However, their availability of items is subject to change and they work by appointment only.

  • What if I’m not interested in base housing or the wait is just too long? Is there someone who can help me find a rental off base?

    • Unfortunately, there is not.  We recommend looking at possible rentals ahead of time so you know what to expect in our economy before you arrive on island.  Below are a couple of links to websites that list rental homes. Also, if you know what you're looking for, the MCFHO may have a book listing rentals from which they may be able to assist you.

  • Neighborhood Amenities

  • What are Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH)’s amenities?

    • The Base has Tiki Island Fun Park (with mini-golf), K-Bay Lanes Bowling Alley, the Marine Exchange, Commissary, Mokapu Mall (with a food court), Officers Club, Semper Fit gym, and Klipper Golf Course. The MCCS Marina rents recreational equipment, beach cabanas and camping sites. The Base also offers four beaches, a swimming pool, skate park and, for boat owners, the Marina includes dry storage, slips and moorings.

      Residents of Marines Hawaii Family Housing also have the use of two dog parks, a splash park, and two community centers on K-Bay and a third community center in Manana (Pearl City). Our neighborhoods feature playgrounds, pavilions, and basketball courts for the enjoyment of our residents.

  • What amenities are on Camp Smith?

    • Camp Smith has a Semper Fit gym, a food court, library, pool, various shops, the Marine Corps Exchange, and racquetball, handball, tennis and volleyball courts.

  • What amenities are on Manana?

    • The Manana housing community features a community center, fitness center, pool, Marine Mart, baseball field, skate park, and tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts. There are also a playgrounds and parks within Manana. It is also located near shopping, restaurants and more.

  • Schools

  • How can I find out information about the public schools in the area?

    • Please follow this link to a listing of the public schools for Kaneohe Marine Corps Base, Manana and Camp Smith. The Hawaii public school year starts the beginning of August.